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About VRNRG Books

About us

VRNRG Education, in cooperation with different universities and teaching centers, is producing a new generation of learning spaces and educational practice.

In VRNRG we eNeRGize Virtual Reality by providing vertical solutions to the industry, particularly in the areas of customer acquisition, retention and monetization, as well as designing and developing VR projects and experiences.



VR-Books are titles that have been adapted to be integrated into VR experiences or applications.

We work with free access epub and pdf formats to adapt them to reading in 3D environments. At the same time, we develop the edition of 3D-eBook formats as native support.


This Experiences are spaces in VR environments designed to provide enhanced reading thru 3D immersion.

We are developing 3D reading formats, specifically for VR environments, in which eBooks could be loaded in proprietary and standard formats.


Currently we are developing the pilot application, based in Oculus Quest, for a VR-VR remote classroom testing. The planned launch is for the 2nd Quarter 2020.


Pictures show the current state of VR learning environment

We are looking for

Strategic partners

Universities, learning centers and other related institutions, to collaborate with, or integrate into, the VRNRG application/environment.

Institutional partners

International organizations, foundations, universities and others, to participate in the design stage of the current pilot and its elements.

Industrial partners

Technology and other industrial manufacturers and producers or companies, for the integration of their solutions and products in the final product.